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My Story

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To Fly is to be free. Because I'm such a free spirited person, "Fly" is the perfect word to describe the style of this apparel label. The Fly as a spirit animal symbolizes abundance and prosperity during times of adversity. It sends the message that by being persistent and consistent, and accompanying those behaviors with a strong will and determination, even while facing sizable obstacles, you WILL overcome.

With conquering challenges, I truly believe that your Tribe will guide you through. Always protect your vibes and control the company you keep as they greatly influence your mental and spiritual health. Having a large, close knit family allows me to never have to question the motives of those surrounding me, as we all push each other to become better than we once were.

Behind the symbolism of flying and the substantial impact your tribe has on you, Fly Tribe was derived. In order to dream big, you must first spread your wings. Whatever your dream may be, I encourage you to build up the nerve to take the first step. The ones to follow will be much easier. Dream big. Spread your wings. Be Fly. Be Free.




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